Countdown Begins!

This morning I found Kaylee, quietly sitting on her bed, gazing at her new school supply scissors. She saw me and asked the question I’ve been hearing from her all summer, “How many weeks til school starts??” She’s been waiting all summer, all her life, for school to start…I remember that feeling… when I was a child it felt like I was constantly waiting for something, the next meal, the next trip to the library, the next holiday, or simply waiting to turn 18 so life could really begin. I’ve learned to be better able to live in the moment, so I no longer stalk the calendar, waiting for the next adventure. I do however understand that my kids are now the ones waiting, and so I use a tool that my grandma used for me, the paper chain countdown. Usually we cut up construction paper, or used coloring book pages, for little countdowns (such as how many more days until grandma comes to visit), but this time, as Kay’s first ever year of school approaches, I thought I’d do something special. I’ve digitally scrapbooked the below chains and toppers…and the girls’ love them!!

Click Here to Download Free Printable Paper Chains and Toppers

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