Work Décor, make it crafty!

I wanted a simple way to decorate my office with family photos and artwork, nothing too stuffy and formal like frames, and also something that I could easily refresh, or add to, when I felt like it. And so a project was born! I thought about it, refining it in my mind for about a week, then measured my wall at work and was ready!

Step One: I bought a couple spools of sheer green ribbon, sending my husband through the line with a coupon and one, then I followed with a second coupon and the second spool, so I could get them both 40% off. I also picked up some large round headed silver tacks.

Step Two: At home I cut 5 pieces of ribbon into about 24 inch strips. Then cut the rest of the ribbon into strips about 15 to 24 inches long.

Step Three: I square knotted four of the randomly cut lengths of ribbon to each one of the 24 inch strips.

Step Four: I double square knotted the five 24 inch strips to each other to make one really long length! I double knotted the far ends of each ribbon so they would match.

Step Five: I took the whole fluttery mess to my office, and using the silver tacks I put a tack in every double square knot.

Step Six: I used jumbo office paperclips to hang up my girls’ art work, pictures that I like, and my own scrapbook pages printed on 4×6 prints (cut down to 4×4 size). I can change it all seasonally, or whenever I feel like it!

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