Failed: A summer shawl

Every summer I get sunburnt. I don’t tan, ever, I only burn. Just a part of life. I use a touch of sunscreen when I know I’ll be out in the summer sun all day, however I’m mostly talking about that ten minute walk home from the train each day, it’s enough to make me constantly look a tad past rosy for three months out of the year, and I refuse to wear sunscreen always.

When I had a car I’d drape my head and arms with a thin black winter scarf, while blasting the air conditioning in my face, and in that undignified vampiric method I would make my way home. This is my first summer carless, and I’ve found that a scarf in the dead of summer without air conditioning is unbearable. I struck on the idea of a thin light colored scarf, that maybe would keep off some of the sun, but not be so hot… it was a no go. Complete failed experiment. See said scarf below. I found the large piece of fabric to be suffocatingly hot. Oh well… I will just continue to slowly cook to death until the cloud cover returns in September!

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  1. Ever try coconut oil? It works really good, is actually good for your skin and prevents most sunburn. We use it for most outdoor activities. The only time it failed us is when we were at a water park all day, in Phoenix, in August. We still got red then, but not too bad. Reapply like sun screen.

    • woodlandrealm10

       /  August 16, 2013

      Nice! I have some coconut oil, and I love that idea! I’ll definitely try that next time I need sunscreen, thanks for the idea! :)


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