Poor Poor Sunflower

I saw this fabulous idea on a youtube video, well I thought it was exciting, to grow dwarf pea plants up sunflower stalks. So we planted a row of sunflowers, then planted the peas around them, covered up the seeds, and waited for the magic. The peas popped up first, which began a race that the sunflowers lost. The strong, quick growing peas shot up, then with nothing to grasp, fell over into a tangled mess, taking down the poor newly arrived sunflowers with them. It took me a good hour to sort out the mess, weave the pea plants up onto a trellis, and carefully tie the bent and twisted sunflower stalks to stakes. Before I did all that work I took this one picture of my failed experiment, growing peas up sunflower stalks…

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  1. It SOUNDS like a good idea, maybe a different scenario if the sunflowers were older… maybe.

    • woodlandrealm10

       /  July 31, 2013

      That is the conclusion that I came to also, that the sunflowers would need to be planted first, allowed to grow and THEN plant the peas, maybe I’ll try again, one day… or maybe not… lol

  2. Great idea but sounds like sunflowers have to be well advanced.

    • woodlandrealm10

       /  July 31, 2013

      I agree!! I realized that too late, perhaps I’ll try again next year… :)


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