A Nail and a Hammer

A quick goodwill success story! I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with my laptop while it’s connected to my tv, so I began a Reduce, Reuse, Recycle process…
I’ve tried leaving it on the floor, but that is awkward and the mouse pad doesn’t work well. I put a book under the mouse pad, but that didn’t help the backache from bending down that far. I tried a chair, but it was inconvenient to drag the heavy hardwood chair from the dining room to the front room and back again.
I thought about bringing in our folding outdoor table we use for gardening, but it was covered in potting soil and spiders.
So finally, with an inward sigh, I admitted that I was going to have to buy a small table. Preferably a folding tv dinner style table. I’d already been casually looking around, and found an new ugly plastic one for $20, and a decent one at salvation army for $8… but it was when I came across an over-large cherry-stained broken folding table at goodwill for $4 that I struck gold! Yay! The only thing wrong was a leg out of its socket, so I held it steady while my hubby hit a nail in the right place, and PERFECT! A recycled $4 table, I could not contain my joy the whole rest of the day!!

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