For My Dad!

One of the things I considered when preparing for an out of state move, was what I was going to do about shipping charges for gifts. I’m not a consistent gift giver, luckily neither is my hubby so we don’t take offense at each other. However when it comes to my parents, I feel that I should send something on their birthday, even if it’s a small something.

Before I left I hit upon an idea! I found two little frames on sale, a 3×5 black frame, and similar 3×5 white frame. On the black frame my girls and I decorated it with paint and glitter for my mom, and every year I send her a new picture for it, it’s usually a pic of the girls crafting or cooking. For my dad we decorated the white frame with tastefully glued on sand from the beach and seashells that we’d collected, every year I send him an updated pic of the girls having a blast at the beach.

I know the frames are hung up in their room, and if my daughter sent this system up for me I’d be happy with it, but I was once told that I’m insensitive at times, so I often hope this is a good compromise. I can send something each year, but there is no shipping charge because I send the photo to their corner store walgreens, prepaid, so all they have to do is pick it up.

This is the most recent offering, my dad’s birthday gift, that I scrapbooked for him with love ♥

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