Dressed for Summer Fun!

I always wear all my clothes until they have holes in them, and pants are the worst, I only rotate through a few pair and so they get worn down quicker than anything. Also, since I’m under five feet tall, it’s hard to find pants that fit, or that are easy to alter myself. Anyway, last fall I was down to two pair of black slacks for work when I started making heavy fabric skirts, with flannel layers for warmth. They were perfect for winter and a chilly spring, but now I look a little silly in those thick dark colored skirts since it’s 70 degrees and sunny outside, so I returned to cycling through my two pair of black slacks…

My wonderful sister sent me a bit of money, just as a fun surprise, which allowed me to get some summery skirt fabric! I happened to catch a sale at fabric.com, then used a coupon, and ordered enough to get free shipping, so I stretched every penny to buy mostly cotton gauze and some knit. (Below I listed the full price of the fabrics, however I ALWAYS use coupons for fabric, or I don’t buy it, so those prices are not what I actually paid.)

I spent a few weekends prewashing fabric and getting the skirts cut and sewn into the perfect pattern I found, you can see my post about that here: Effortlessly Earthy Skirt Pattern, and so, I’m proud to present…

My Summer Wardrobe:

I have turned to skirts for these practical and pleasing reasons:
– In the winter they keep my legs warm, and in summer keep them breezy.
– I can wear inexpensive shorts under them, or long yoga pants, and those are easy to replace.
– They look dressy at work, or fun and spunky on the weekends!
– They are much cheaper to buy fabric for ($10 or less), than to buy pants ($20 or more)
– Skirts look great with my barefeet or sandals, which is my choice of footwear all spring, summer, and fall.
– I like the flowy feel of the skirts, helps me feel connected to the wind, and to the trees also stirred by the wind.

Thank you to my great sister for her contribution to my project, I’m happy to say that my boring black slacks are permanently retired, and skirts are all I wear now. I LOVE my new skirts!!

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