My Favorite, And My Best

I enjoy crafting and know the basics of many crafts, however my skills surround these three abilities:

Embroidering with my sisters is own of my earliest, and happiest, memories. I most enjoying making quilt blocks, kitchen towels, etc with outline and satin embroidery, I enjoy this type of embroidery the most because it gives me more creative freedom with scrapbooking my own patterns.

Custom Crib Set

Custom Crib Set

Crocheted Hat

Crocheted Toddler Hat

I started crocheting when I was eleven, my grandma taught me how to chain, how to single and double crochet, then she taught me how to follow a pattern and let me loose from there! I’ve been avidly crocheting ever since! ♥

My mother taught me to sew when I was nine, I joined in her humanitarian aid efforts by sewing together quilt tops, which were put together with the backing by more accomplished seamstresses for the homeless. I really enjoyed sewing, which was surprising because for the most part I was terrible at it. I gave up in my teens to purse hand sewing, so imagine my surprise when I bought a sewing machine last year to try again and was actually really good at sewing! All those early lessons came rushing back and were joined with the patience I’ve learned over the years through motherhood. Now I’ve been trying to find anything and everything to sew!

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