DIY Shampoo – Update!

Five weeks ago I decided to go shampoo free, and not even to replace it with something else, you can read that post here: DIY Shampoo?. Now that I’ve completed the adjustment period, I wanted to give an update so you know what to expect if this is also a journey that you are on, or plan to take!

Week One: The first week was really greasy and awful, mostly it just slicked down and looked like I used an indecent amount of hair gel. It remained in this limp and pathetic state even after washing with water twice in the same day, and again the next day.
Week Two: Half way through the second week I remembered something I’d read on one of the sites regarding water only hair washing, where a couple of the commenters stated that after they adjusted the water pressure in their shower the whole process went better, so I twisted my shower head to the forceful “massaging” setting. As the water pounded onto my hair I vigorously rubbed at my scalp and hair with my fingertips, just as if I was trying to wash thick shampoo suds out. After that shower my hair still felt greasy, sad, so I brushed it, then dejectedly took myself off to work. When my hair was halfway dry, it felt lighter and less greasy… hopeful now, I kept fingercombing it, as I always do while still damp, and as it dried it felt more like it’s old self, not squeaky clean, but not heavy greasy either!
Week Three: Using the heavier water pressure method I washed my hair twice this week, while washing and drying still ‘feels’ greasy-ish, but by the time it dries it’s kinda fluffy. Not like after a shampoo cleanse, but not as bad as the first two weeks. I had a tiny amount of dandruff this week, but I washed my hair with water, and it disappeared…
Week Four: I think my hair’s oil production is settling down, my hair feels almost like usual. And I don’t have any frizzyness or flyaway hair. In my late teens I had to wash it with shampoo and conditioner, then rub product in before blow drying, and then rub a different product, and hair spray it, to keep my thick wild short hair all tamed down. I can’t believe I’m getting the same results by using no shampoo and letting it air dry!
Week Five: On vacation, keep forgetting to wash it, but it’s doing fine! (Washed it when I got back from the coast.)
Week Six: I just started week six, my hair doesn’t have that super clean feeling anymore, but I’ve got used to it. So, I’ve got a good process going, wash hair on Sunday and Wednesday, use heavy water pressure, vigorously rub at my scalp all the while imagining that I’m washing shampoo out, I feel that keeps the motions right. My hair feels heavy and slightly oily while drying, but then dries just fine and looks normal, better than normal, it looks healthy!

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