Sleeping Under The Stars

I had a truly delightful vacation on the coast last week. My wonderful grandpa-in-law rented a condo with a deck overlooking Newport’s Yaquina Bay. The view from the deck:

Unfortunately my grandpa-in-law gets cold very easily, and the inside of the condo was kept stifling hot for him. Not that I mind, I really enjoyed spending time with him, and I’m happy that we could keep him comfortable. I did find the suffocating rooms impossible to sleep in though, which gave me a chance to try out one of the projects on my list! Sleeping Outside.

Over the winter, when I was reading my massive stack of inspiring raw food library books, there were several folks who discovered this healthier way to eat, and subsequently began looking at other social norms that may not be suitable for our wellbeing. Of the numerous things I’ve wanted to try, sleeping outdoors (not in a tent!), both thrilled and terrified me. I had not gained enough gumption to try… until, that is, I was on this vacation and it was necessary to keep the hotel at a balmy 90 degrees… suddenly the crisp cool 70 degree bay air sounded heavenly. We dragged our sleeping bags out and gratefully fell asleep. That first night was not exactly blissful though, with only a sleeping bag between me and a hard wood floor I shifted all night trying to get comfortable, fitful sleep is the best way to describe it. I woke feeling both bruised and refreshed, an odd combination to be sure. Instead of a popcorn ceiling, my eyes beheld a wide blue sky above me and the colors of sunrise reflected on the water of the bay. The majesty of the early morning world was overwhelmingly beautiful… that being said, my body felt like crap, and I would not have slept outside again if I’d had anywhere else to sleep. The second night we put a couple blankets down under the sleeping bags, which made all the difference. So I slept better and better each night, until the last night of the trip I didn’t wake up once, I slept sound, and woke up feeling great!!

So great in fact, that we built a little blanket and sleeping bag nest on our own deck at home, and I slept fabulously on it last night! We don’t have air conditioning, so our house is stifling, and not by choice, access to fresh air all night is so energizing! This is a pic I took before I left for work…

I hope this feeling continues, if I don’t do an updated post, know that I’ll be sleeping every night under the stars until it gets too cold, probably in September, a little colder than the coast, our low last night was 50 degrees, but we were snug as a bug. Instead of weary and groggy, we all woke up on time and invigorated, the fresh morning air clearing my mind of sleep. Even my little late sleeper, who is impossible to drag from sleep, woke up first, and with a smile on her face!

My happy little Kay this morning!

UPDATE: the mosquitoes drove us inside. After almost a week sleeping out of doors, my family out-voted me and we went back to normal. I was the only one not getting bitten by the mosquitoes, so my opinion was biased toward staying outside. My idea to fix the problem is to get a canopy, and put mosquito netting over it, I don’t have the resources to do it now, however by next summer, I’ll have it worked out for sure!!

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  1. Anne

     /  July 9, 2013

    Completely weird, I had a whim to try and sleep outside in a hammock last night. We live in Bulgaria, so although it’s really hot during the day, it sometimes cools down a bit at night. Last night it did exactly that, and it’s virtually impossible to keep any blankets and covers on TOP of a hammock. And it gets chilly from the air underneath as well. So after 2 hours of tossing, turning and tangling, we had to give in and come back indoors.

    I had so been looking forward to opening my eyes to glorious morning, but will have to wait for a warmer night or just sleep on the decking like you did!

    Thanks for sharing – Anne xx

    • woodlandrealm10

       /  July 9, 2013

      I think it’s intuition, it just makes sense to sleep outside during the summer. Our bedroom is so hot that we were running two fans all night, one to bring in the outside air and the other to keep it moving. Instead we can just sleep in the cool breezy air, saving even more electricity!

      I hope you have time to try again, it’s a lot of fun! And, the deck is not so bad once you get used to it, there is the theory that is straitens out your spine, and it helps if you have some blankets under you :D Good luck!


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