Greener Essays – Part 6 – Living Simply

When we first started learning more about the world, for example what is wrong with the food or how dangerous plastic is, my mind was whirling. I decided to type out everything in my own words, which became these ‘essays’, which I scrapbooked and included in our family photo album to chart the changes we were making in our life.
Since I’m on vacation this week with my in-laws, I thought it would be a good time to post all my essays from last year, showing what we learned, and how we’ve shaped our lives around this information to be the people we are this year.
So here is Part Six of the Six Part series…

Simplify, November 2012
“Live intentionally.” Sounds kinda Zen, huh? Our next task was to simplify our life, even though we’ve made many changes recently, and it was initially a lot of work, simplifying had already started with some of the things we put into place. We had simplified our possessions. We had simplified our process for transportation and resources, which in turn simplified our budget. We had one thing left to change: “Sometimes we schedule things back-to-back-to-back, so that every minute of every day is planned out. That leads to stress and problems. Instead, schedule as little as possible each day, a more spaced-out schedule is much more relaxing than a cramped one.” We’ve always been a close family, but we are always out and about, missing that important home time to just relax with each other. We still plan adventures, but they are fewer, and more meaningful then hoping in the car to go to the mall, and I wanted our nights to consist of more than hours every night mindlessly staring at the TV. With no car and less TV, we began having higher quality, and more enjoyable family time, even cooking and cleaning became reynolds clan togetherness time. We made a easy plan for the week. Mon-Fri we eat dinner at the table together, then chose what do after, playing a game, or trying a new recipe, or reading aloud together, watching a movie. Saturday is a bus to the library, then the same bus to the store. Saturday afternoon is deep cleaning of the apartment, or an out of the home adventure. Sunday is a day of rest. So simple.

The Scrapbook Pages:

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