Winter Hats…not your typical summer project

a newborn hat I made for my niece, Addison Elaine!

This weekend I worked on over ten sewing projects, as well as deep cleaning most of the rooms in my house with my hubby. When I say ‘worked on’, I mean that some of the projects I finished, some I started, and some I just did a few more steps on, then left them for another day, which is sounds inefficient… but it’s not. I promise. One example is that I’m terrified of the iron, so I’ll let projects requiring an iron stack up until I have at least three, then I’ll heat up the hated thing, conduct my business with it, giving it as wide a berth as possible even while actually holding it, then put it back in the corner of the sewing room with relief. Several of my projects were waiting for an iron, but I didn’t have time or inclination to work on them right after their flattening, so they went back into the project drawer, because other things need to be finished first. Such as a crocheted hat for next winter. Which, admittedly doesn’t seem to be a priority, however I’m trying to get it into a package for my cousin’s new baby, sweet little Zoey!, with the pink-ish girl versions of the bibs I made the other day, and I’d love to get that all in the mail this week. And so, 11pm last night found me watching reruns of The Daily Show while putting all the finishing touches on a hat I’d crocheted on the train. It’s very similar to this hat I made last year:

a toddler hat I made for my daughter

The AMAZING free pattern for these adorable hats is found here: Defiknitely Patterns
Also you can download the pattern here: Best Toddler Earflap

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