Funniest Bibs EVER!

I happened to see this phrase “These fools put my CAPE on backwards” on a plain blue bib with boring white letters as a funny pic that someone posted on Facebook. I immediately fell in love, and wished my girls were young enough to wear bibs so I could make one for them, then I realized, duh, there are other babies in the world! I decided to make one for my boss’s new baby boy, and a pink one for my cousin’s new baby girl!! So excited, I typed up the phrase in Photoshop to scrapbook a superhero pattern around it. I prefer to make things in sets when I can, so I glanced through some bibs in Google Images, and quickly found my second funny bib “I’m not crying, I’m ordering dinner”, and scrapbooked that one as well. As far as I know these phrases are not copyrighted, and luckily neither are my designs of them! So sew them to your heart’s content for every baby you know to spread laughter and cheer through the world!

My patterns, one ready for tracing/ironing, and one to view: The Bib’s Embroidery Patterns

Also, I found the pattern for the bib here: Awesome Step by Step Easy Bib Pattern

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