A Haircut Fairy Tale

Once upon a time a family of four needed haircuts. They remembered that the last time they went out for cheap haircuts, the total bill was over sixty dollars! So it was decided that this time they would have an adventure instead! They bought a twenty dollar clipper, and seven dollar shears, watched an hour’s worth of you tube videos about haircutting, then took turns cutting each other’s hair. All cuts turned out wonderful, and the family will be forever free of the dreaded haircut cost! The End!

Dad cutting Meg’s hair in the kitchen.

Technical Details:
Dad cut all three girls’ hair into one length bobs, although he was very nervous they turned out perfect!
Mom cut Dad’s hair in his preferred ‘fade cut’ using sizes 2, 3, 4 up the back, size 5 on the sides, and size 8 on top, using the snap on guides that come with the clipper, and it also turned out perfect!

Really, it’s easier than you think, just try it! ♥

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