Cloth Pads Part Two: Heavy Pads

Yesterday I was writing about liner pads, Cloth Pads Part One: Liner Pads , so today I wanted to comment about the four or so days of the month when a simple liner just won’t do the job. I used a similar pattern, it’s the larger version from the same website, you can see directions here:
Heavy Panty Liner Directions
Heavy Panty Liner Pattern Pieces

You will need plastic fabric for this, you can get it from the fabric store, it’s the same waterproof fabric used for diapers and crib liners. I don’t often condone the purchase of brand new plastic, however, there are circumstances where it’s necessary… a computer for example must have plastic, that’s just the way of the world.

So, I was wondering what I would do with a problematic pad after use – but before the washing machine? Especially at work! After reading what worked for other people, and after a little trial and error, I’ve found my groove.
At home: I snap up used pads and place them next to the toilet. At the end of my four days (or so), I unsnap them into the washing machine, and line dry them on an indoor clothes hanger. I first tried to wash them out immediately in the sink, but then realized I didn’t care if they get stained.
At work: I sewed a simple double thickness corduroy bag to take with me to the bathroom at work to ‘store’ the used pads in til I can get them home, where they are added to the little pile in the bathroom for later laundering.

I’ve been doing this for nine months, and it’s really working well! Since then I’ve only had to use a disposable pad once, when my period came suddenly and I had to borrow a pad from a coworker, and I found the disposable pad rough and uncomfortable. I LOVE my soft flannel homemade pads! And I hope you can find that same joy :)

As the pattern makes easy, you can layer two pads on top of the main pad using the straps, very similar to Luna Pads, see pic below. Even if you are not comfortable sewing your own, I still suggest switching to this non-disposable way of doing things, for your health and the health of planet. You can buy pads ready to go from Etsy or Luna Pads.

I also recommend viewing this blog post about luna pads, her insight is uncanny, and her humor and research are the best: Reusable Pads: Get Green, Period at Blog Her

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