Toxic Deodorants… no thanks.

Writing about my new approach to shampoo yesterday got me thinking about when I switched over to homemade deodorant last fall. I had tried EVERYTHING over the years… powder, gel, gooey lotion stuff, roll on, and then finally the only thing that worked on me was the clinical strength stuff, and I’d still come home a sweaty stinking mess. So I was most apprehensive when looking at “make your own” deodorants. How could I replicate or improve on clinical strength?? After researching do it yourself deodorants for hours, through the internet and several different books from the library, I decided that I didn’t want to do anything with expensive ingredients, overly complicated steps, or any ‘recipes’ that seemed like a science experiment. Which left really only one option… which was fine with me, it was the standout as my favorite to try anyway. VERY simply:

Homemade Deodorant
Stir one tablespoon of regular baking soda, into one cup of water.
Apply to underarms with a cloth, let dry. Wash cloth, repeat every morning.

Just cheap regular baking soda and tap water, it was almost too good to be true. I sewed up some scraps into reusable and washable ‘pads’ roughly two or three inches square, I didn’t trim the scraps into shape, I just used them as is, so they ended up all different shapes. Then we went to goodwill and found a silly beaker shaped glass bottle with no stopper (for the mixture), and a strange cheap plate (to stack the clean application pads). We’ve been applying this mixture every morning for eight months now, and it works fabulously! Sometimes when I get home from work I apply it again as a refresher, especially on warm days, but I often did that with regular deodorant too.

Fair warning that your body will have to go through an adjustment, and you may smell a little bit by afternoon until your body gets used to not having chemicals slathered on one of its most porous and sensitive places, but afterward, your body will thank you. Maybe too much information, but also note that when I eat meat, or really greasy foods, my BO smells a lot worse, so if this mixture is not able to keep your bodily smells under control, perhaps take a look at your diet like I did.

If you are interested to learn what you current deodorant is doing to you, take a look at this, or one of the many, articles containing the information that deodorants have harmful and toxic ingredients:

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