DIY Shampoo? Why not!

When I started researching homemade shampoo I was too nervous to try it out, there are ALL KINDS of recipes and conflicting information. I’d just bulked up on shampoo that would last me for about five months, (since my hair is short and I only wash it twice a week), so I didn’t have incentive to work on the shampoo problem when so many other things had my attention. Now my shampoo stash is dwindled, and it’s time to buy more… or find a Do It Yourself Shampoo solution! And keeping in mind that chemicals are expensive, cleanser is not, I’m determined to find a natural cleanser that works for my hair.

I have thick oily hair that sometime has dandruff if I use regular cheap shampoo, so for years I’ve been using a heavily chemical dandruff shampoo. Over the months that I’ve researched alternates to shampoo, enthusiastic yet too afraid to actually attempt anything, I’ve come across these various ideas in books and blogs:

♥ Baking Soda & Apple Cider Vinegar
♥ Honey and Apple cider mixture
♥ Corn Starch and Baking Soda
♥ Corn Starch and Oatmeal
♥ Corn Starch and Cocoa Powder
♥ Castile Soap
♥ Herbs and Castile Soap Flakes
♥ Dried Herbs and Essential Oils
♥ Tea Bags and Castile Soap
♥ Soap Nuts
♥ Sugar and Honey
♥ Egg Yolk and Honey
♥ Rain Water
♥ Borax (NOT Boric Acid)
♥ Fresh lemons
♥ “Lemon and Cucumber Shampoothie”
♥ Using Water Only, with a boar bristle brush:

I hope having all that info in one list of links helps you in your search for keeping chemicals out of your hair and body. For myself, after reading all that information, and all the comments beneath the posts, I was a little dizzy, however, thru Ockham’s Razor, the simplest answer is the one to try first and is often correct, so I’ve decided to try Water Only. If that doesn’t work, I may try using Castile Soap, or perhaps the Baking Soda method. I realize that I’ll have to go through a tough stage between shampoo to no shampoo, so I’ll do an update post about DIY Shampoo in a month or so! Wish me luck!

07/08/2013 UPDATE! See the updated Post here: DIY Shampoo – Update!

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  1. Rose

     /  June 10, 2013

    I have really struggled with the transition to sodium bicarb, but I’ve persevered and 6 weeks in I think I’m finally getting there. I did a lot of reading online after 3 weeks by which point my hair felt so disgusting and I discovered that I just wasn’t washing it thoroughly enough. I made a big effort with the next wash (and used a thick paste instead of a solution). It was just like I’d washed my hair with normal shampoo afterwards – it was really clean and fresh. My hair is oily and I had a week of awful dandruff, so I have found it a challenge (to say the least!), but now it finally seems to be stabilizing and I can’t imagine going back to normal shampoo. I say go for it, but be prepared to modify your method and have quite a few bad hair days while you work out the kinks. Good luck :-)

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