Candid to Random

I used to be able to catch the girls doing funny things, and take pictures, such as megan sticking feet first out of the washing machine, or sweetly washing the dishes for me. So I started a monthly theme of “Candid!” to scrapbook all these sneaky photos…

One of the pages from a two page layout of my two year long Candid! series

However as they get older they’ve caught on, and I can seldom get candid photos of them, so starting this year I’ve changed my monthly theme to Random, and boy do they do a lot of random spontaneous things! Such as the photo below, I’m having a nice moment with Meg, and on closer inspection of the photo I notice that Kay is tickling Meg’s bum during our sweet hug! Yeesh… so random!

One of the pages from a two page layout of this year’s Random! series

It’s nice to have one set of pages each month as sort of a catch all for the everyday photos of life. Think about a good one line phrase that encapsulates your family, and try it out for a year!

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