Effortlessly Earthy Skirt Pattern

Since last fall I’ve been on the search for a simple, yet flowing, skirt pattern. It’s been a long hunt with lots of random skirts along the way. I started with a pattern that needed only two yards of fabric, yet was so constricting that I could not take long strides, or tuck my feet under me when sitting. Next I tried one that used five yards of fabric, and was so flowing that I could not sit easily at work because the skirt would get stuck in my chair’s rolling wheels. Next I found one that needed four yards, but only really used three because the skirt pieces were cut out at such odd angles and the whole thing was immensely complicated to sew together. I was sure there had to be an easier way to make a gypsy skirt.

And thanks to this pattern, I have found it!!! I originally saw this simple vintage pattern on a blog, which I was sure I saved the link to, but now I can’t locate it. I wish I could find the link if only to pass on my heartfelt thanks at this wonderful pattern. As soon as I saw it, profound relief washed over me. Somewhere deep in the recesses of my mind our human species genetic memory kicked in and sighed “Yesss, that is how it should be done…”

Click here to download: The Effortlessly Earthy Skirt Pattern

Yesterday afternoon I made one for me, one for Meg with the leftover fabric, and a mini skirt for Kay with the very last square scrap.

The Matching Skirts

(for the mini skirt I was going by instinct. I cut the square in half, sewed the two pieces into tubes, hemmed them, then sewed the two tops together in a stretchy waistband. It works for a playskirt!)

I’m going to make about ten more of these skirts for my summer wardrobe. I’m so blissfully content, I finally the found The One. I can happily say I’m IN LOVE with this pattern, it’s comfortable, flowing, and the best thing is, no wasted fabric, no ungainly scraps, I could almost weep with joy!

5/28/13 UPDATE: See post Don’t Forget Seam Allowances…like I did.
7/10/13 UPDATE: Also, the pattern says to use a hook & eye on the waistband, or a zipper, but I used strechy fabric instead and just made the skirt really fitted to stay up, think yoga pants, but this is a yoga skirt, and that keeps my skirt up so I don’t have to fiddle with those sewing notions.
7/12/13 UPDATE: see post about my summer wardrobe, Dressed for Summer Fun!

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  1. I think I would love to make myself a skirt in the near future, and then I will have to refer to your blog a lot! :) Thanks for this post, I like the colour of your skirt, and I will save the pattern so I can discover my skirt sewing skills.

    • woodlandrealm10

       /  July 10, 2013

      Oh yay! more skirts in the world :) I love how swishy they are, and that i can wear pajama pants under them :D

      super quick tip, i didn’t use a zipper, i used strechy fabric instead and just made the skirt really fitted to stay up, think yoga pants, but this is a yoga skirt ;)

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