Don’t Forget Seam Allowances…like I did.

My post earlier today was all about the new pattern that I’m in love with, what I failed to mention, and also failed to do, was take into account seam allowances when I made it the first time, so I ended up with a skirt way too small around for me. Meg grabbed my disgrace, pulled it up to her armpits, and announced “I’ve always wanted a dress like this!!” Somehow she talked me into turning it into a play dress for her, we took out one of the six panels, added spaghetti straps, and eureka! It’s rather shabbily done, but then I think that is what we were going for, a sort of renaissance peasant child plus woodland elf… meg was immensely pleased with the result and ran around it for almost the entire three day weekend!

Meg the Elf & Kate the Gerbil

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