Children’s Fairy Garden

When I was growing up I was obsessed with fairies, ha, and I’m just as excited about them to this day! My girls caught the faerie fever at a young age, and have joined me in all my fairy activities. From dressing up as fairies for the Ren Faire to our latest project, what my girls call The Fairy Garden. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do, create a children’s garden hideaway, sometimes called a fort, or a secret garden, I was so excited to build one with my girls.

candid pic of Meg and Kay decorating their fairy house with flowers and toys :)

Meg with her drawing pad in the new fairy garden

$3 bamboo sticks
$4 ball of twine
$3 in pea and sunflower seeds
(Prebuild: Shovel up the grass and create a circle sized planting bed.)
Step One: Push the six long bamboo sticks into the earth in a circle.
Step Two: Securely tie and knot them at the top with twine.
Step Three: Carefully wrap twine around the structure, leaving one space open for an entrance.

As soon as it was finished we planted peas and sunflowers around it, which obligingly popped up and have been growing swiftly ever since.

New peas! Two rows planted around the fairy house

It’s still a little bare now, but hopefully it will be covered in pea plants soon, and then the corn plants will grow up around it, hiding it away from the world, to be a true secret garden.

06/28/2013 UPDATE! See the updated post here: Children’s Fairy Garden – UPDATE

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  1. We are still working on building our garden teepee (I posted about it yesterday). We probably should’ve used skinnier pieces of wood (like the bamboo you used) it looks much easier to build your way! We also planted corn on one side of ours, but will grow beans up the teepee. Can’t wait to see it all filled out!

    • woodlandrealm10

       /  May 15, 2013

      that is what I’m most excited about! high summer and the bare bones of our structure all covered in edible plants! Your teepee looks great, very study, it’s looks more permanent than ours, and I love your garden, it’s so spacious! Oh, and the purple beans around the teepee garden is a wonderful idea, I’ll have to do that next year!

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