An Important Tip on Planting Grafted Fruit Trees

One of my neighbors works at an orchard, and he brought home a bunch of baby trees that would have been tossed. He gave about 20 of them to my closest neighbor, who didn’t have room for them all, and gave seven of them to me! Five grafted Ultra Dwarf Asian Pears, and two Southern High Bush Blueberries. They were already so droopy, and it was dusk with dark setting in, so we worked fast to get them in ground. It was complete dark when we finished, but I’m hopeful they will survive.

Planting Pears

ONE IMPORTANT THING I LEARNED about planting grafted fruit trees, you MUST keep the graft above ground, do not plant it so deep that the graft is covered. When I researched planting fruit trees opinions differed on how high the graft must be, one said one inch, another said two to four inches, and yet another insisted the graft should be six inches above ground, I think the take away is to at least make sure it’s above ground… I’ve never worked with fruit trees before… but I’m planning to keep these very small and espalier them, we’ll hope for the best…

Not bad for blundering around in full dark…

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